A USB powered Ionizer from Forest Anion is now available in Carrefour Singapore. Once plugged, the Forest Anion USB Ionizer will release negatively charged particles into the air and help attack airborne particles and allergens contained in smoke, dust and dander into harmless and odorless airborne particles.

Forest-Anion-USB-Ionizer In this way Forest Anion’s USB Ionizer cleans those smelly smoke and other airborne particles in your rooms’ environments and help you to breathe and sleep easier. Below video will show you how the Forest Anion’s USB Ionizer help to clear up cigarette smoke…

The Forest Anion’s USB flash drive mode air purifier and ionizer also comes with a cigarette lighter adapter to ease usage in your car. Even though it has not been confirmed by FDA, some users with allergic history has some significant improvement on their daily activities and health conditions.

You could plug it next to your computer or laptop, a neat companion for those with allergic symptoms of those sensitive to unhealthy air-bone particles.

Retail Price: USD19.99 [ including car adapter ]

[ Source: Everything USB ; ForestAnion ]