Good news for EV owners in United States, you will be able to enjoy additional 400 charging stations to existing U.S EV charging network by a charging network developer, the 350 Green. The ultimate goal for the EV charging stations will go for a total of 1,000 units, and 350 Green is looking forward to make partnership with municipal, corporates and entities that are interested in providing the EV charging stations at their companies or institutions’ boundaries.


The new charging system will be calculated base on the ChargePoint System developed by Coulomb Technologies, drivers will be able to use the mobile app to check the charging stations’ location, besides showing how to get to the nearest charging stations using the navigational software. Besides, the ChargePoint System will also advise rider about the charging status of their EV.

ChargePoint Network will calculate the billing via cloud-based, creating greater convenience for EV owners that use 350 Green’s charging stations.

[ Source: Engadget ; Coulomb Technologies ; 350 Green]