Students over Queens University in Canada has taking visual media into new horizon. The latest view technology incorporate two Kinect motion controllers, a 3D HD projector, and a giant transparent snow globe for the interaction media.


The technology in the giant snow globe will allow users to spin an object projected inside the snow globe for a 360 degrees viewing, and could be zoom in or zoom out by detecting hand gestures via the Kinect motion sensor.

Viewers could also walking around the globe shape 3D viewing gadget in order to enjoy the 360 degree viewing of the object. It seems that Microsoft is getting active in building public awareness towards Kinect motion sensor, hence, according to, PS3 is the most popular gaming console in the global market right now, followed by Microsoft Xbox 360 in the second place, which also the most popular gaming console in U.S’ market.

[ Source: Ubergizmo ; VGChartz ; Queens University ]