If you came across a lot of occasions when you happen to need tightening or loosing screws, you might want to take a glance at the following ScrewPop Keychain Tool.  It consists of ¼” plus and minus screw driver, reversible nut driver and a bottle opener. Hence you could simply put it as a car’s keychain accessories.



The screwpop nut driver with its compact design offer an impressive torque delivered through a reversible snap-in Flathead and Phillips screw-bit. Screwpop tool is a pocket size and you could simply carry it anywhere you go.

Don’t forget to open a bottle of tasty cold beverage with the bottle opener after a tiresome bolting job is done! 😛

And furthermore, it is a cup of green-tea cappuccino, only USD4.95 per unit [ excluding tax and shipping ], you could ship 5 items on 1 items shipping price.

Thanks Brett!