Do you think electric car is the green car for our future? Is there any other type of ‘free’ fuel for vehicles that available in abundance and will run our planet cleaner with eco-friendly engine technology?

It is a common sense why the compressed air vehicle (CAV), which was invented back in 2009 not ‘popular’ amongst the offline or online media nowadays. Simply because it is not a profitable business?

In current electric vehicles market, people will start to think of the potential business of the EV batteries, while on a compressed air vehicle, do you think there is a tremendous demand for rechargeable battery?

BBC has a story that surprisingly hard to believe. The ‘most affordable’ type of Compress Air Vehicle (CAV) that would cost only EUR3,500 per unit to produce and need a mere EUR1.50 for a recharge at local gas station using the air pump, is having hard time finding large capital investors!!


Click here for the video story from BBC UK.

Not trying to be skeptic about the market, but ‘lazy’ profit still play the ultimate gravity that drives businesses around the globe. Market will tend to pose a wait and see attitude before plunge-in their precious bank deposits for investing in any ‘affordable’ type of green energy product.

Global market? Too bad that this type of CAV will likely ‘hard to sell’ in any developed, developing or worst still in under developed countries that depend primarily on fossil fuel as the country(ies)’ ultimate income source. Money politics issue?!


So, do you have any brilliant idea how to impose ‘profitable sense’ to the market for the Compressed Air Vehicles?

Hence, United States and India should proud of their green corporate movements! Recent news has indicated that India’s Tata Group is investing 20 Million Euro for MDI, while United States’ Zero Pollution Motors has also joint the MDI for making compressed air base vehicles.

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