Latest discovery made by researchers from Toronto Canada has shown that paralyzed patients could move again after a series of functional electrical stimulation therapy.

Even though this newly discovered methodology seems so much resembling acupuncture bundled in advanced electrical stimulation for nervous system, this should however, become a good western approach for treating paralysis patients.


Toronto’s researchers are using pocket-sizd electric stimulator for generating low-intensity electrical pulses. The electric stimulator will help to encourage the muscles in the patient’s limb to make movement.


Treatment will need many repetitions to help the nervous system re-learn the motion and restore the normal condition of the nerveous system, muscles and tendon reaction without depending to the stimulator device anymore.


The good news is, experiment and case study has shown that this stimulator proven to work effectively, and if everything going smoothly, in near future, paralysis might be cured once and for all.

No info when will the electrical nervous system stimulation methodology will be broadly used for Western Countries’ hospitals yet.

[ Source: Ubergizmo ; Toronto Rehab ]