Who else want a cleaner, healthier living space at home? Probably most of us love to have cleaner and healthier air at home. For folks with allergic symptoms that frequently cough of sneezing in the morning or during the spring or worst whenever pollen season starts around your home, pollen could be a vicious word reminiscent of many sneezy, unhealthy days and nights.

Pollens spread by the wind, it could happen not only in spring, as many plants pollinate year round, pollen counts will vary from day to day as well as hour to hour. Allergic symptoms could be caused by pollen from trees, grasses and weeds. Worst of all, if you are living in modern society exposed to overly produced carbon monoxide from car or other heavy industries, your allergic symptoms might be hard to cure no matter how much medication or drugs you have taken to overcome the disease.


We often heard about folks that had difficult breathing problem due to allergy, and that might also explain why there are wide range of air cleaners exist in the market nowadays.

Hence, wisely choose best air cleaner is essential to help you minimize the pollutant or allergen coming into your living space, especially your living room or bad room where you spend countless hours at those two speciific location every time back from office or staying at home during the holiday.

We often heard or read about four stages air cleaner or air purifier, but today, we stumbled across the ‘six-stages’ air cleaner that offers robust air cleaning system to remove anything from odors, fine dust, bacteria, viruses to pet dander.

The customizable Six Stage Air Cleaner’s six cleaning stages:


  1. Uses nano-silver technology to capture germs, pet hair and large dust particles (similar to the technology used to sanitize instruments and surfaces in hospitals),
  2. Traps pollen larger than one micron
  3. Using HEPA filter to eliminates airborne allergens and mold down to 0.3 microns in size.
  4. Going through the customized filter setting (could be for pet, toxin or germ) upon purchase and perform the relevant cleaning function. Pet filter for capturing and eliminating dander that can aggravate allergies; Toxin filter is useful for trapping gaseous impurities released from carpets, composite wood furniture, and paint; while the Germ filter is designed to kills bacteria and viruses like human influenza that can infect children and those with compromised with human’s immune systems.
  5. There is charcoal filter in this stage useful to absorb odors from tobacco smoke or cooking, freshening the air without producing ozone.
  6. Final stage is releasing negative ions that cause positively charged airborne microorganisms to agglomerate and settle, reducing air stuffiness that afflicts indoor environments.

So much for getting the job done, the six stage air cleaner comes in a slim, standing style of 20 x 21.5 x 7-inch (HxWxD) and a weight of 19.25 lbs.

Furthermore, there is a built-in ambient light sensor that detects darkness and the air cleaner will automatically switch to the silent mode while you are sleeping at night. It includes remote control that operates on 2x AAA batteries. Ideal for rooms up to 700′ sq, while the air quality sensor will measures air contaminant levels and changes fan speeds accordingly, but the fan speed could also be changed manually using the remote control or through the panel located on the cleaner.

The nano-silver filter is permanent and rinses clean, while other filter lasts up to two years on regular usage.

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