In this world where most gadgets are touchscreen, it’s often disappointing that laptops and PCs aren’t always as advanced as they seem.

The closest to a touchscreen laptop that Apple has ever been, so far, is through the recently launched latest version of the MacBook Pro.

Equipped with a so-called TouchBar, a strip which magically lets users ‘touch’ icons as well as other features that they often use and see on their regular screens.

This, however, isn’t anything close to an actual touchscreen.

Airbar Dimensional image

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While there have already been multiple and — somehow — successful attempts to come up with computers that are fully touchscreen, for many who are on a budget, an invention called the AirBar seems to be the next best thing.

This groundbreaking, revolutionary gadget allows users to turn just about any normal screen into an actual, working touchscreen without really having to change anything.

The AirBar is a slender sensor wand that magically turns any ordinary non-touchscreen laptop or monitor into a fully functional, almost magical touchscreen.

airbar press image

The device comes in three sizes designed to accommodate the three most common sizes of laptop and monitor screens.

The other thing that makes AirBar truly magical is a feature that allows users to “attach, plug, and touch” — the device requires no installations or drivers, whatsoever.

The AirBar is simply attached to the laptop or computer screen’s bezel through a pair of small magnets, which hold the bar itself in place.

One end of the bar is connected to the computer’s USB port via a short cord.

Once the bar is in place and the USB port connected to the proper port, the computer’s screen automatically works as a touchscreen.

Though how the AirBar works may at first seem magical, the technology behind this extremely clever tool is pretty much straightforward.

The bar works in such a way that it bounces off infrared lights off of its user’s fingers, correlating the fingers’ position on the surface of the screen to where it’s supposed to be in relation to where it would be, had the user been using a normal mouse with a normal non-touchscreen.

AirBar USB Connection

The AirBar basically lets its users’ fingers work the same way a normal wireless mouse would on computers without touchscreens.

Thought this invention is, without a doubt, still flawed in many ways, the AirBar is undeniably an impressive and convenient way to upgrade otherwise outdated gadgets to touchscreens.

The AirBar is now available in 15.6”, 14”, and 13.3” variants, and prices start at only $69.

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