Following concept is about to indicate that human’s interaction with technology will soon reached all aspects of our daily lives. An idea by Jaewan Jeong, a South Korean designer that suggest the ‘Almighty Board’ as a near future kitchen equipment.

It seems what seems to be science-fiction device will soon appearing in our dimension, and those clever designers always hold the big credit for initiating smart idea that shape our live in the future.


What believed to be mission impossible has begun to materialize, from the slim and compact looking tablet pcs to the multitasking and multi features smartphones, and it is likely the turn for geeks and designer to head for the kitchen and create wonderful stuffs that will give more comfort and ease for practical daily approach.

You might have seen a bunch of futuristic designs or ideas that have become real products in the market. We never doubt that this Almighty Board digital cutting board for your kitchen will soon arrive in the market as well.


The Almighty Board digital cutting board will not only serve as a simple scratch proof cutting board for preparing vegetables and meats, but it also serves as digital display for informing you about recipes. Moreover, the auto surface-sterilization feature is to enable users to prepare more hygienic food that involve UV sterilizer feature.

The Almighty Board digital cutting board also has the added function as kitchen scale, simplifying the weighing task for users.

Meanwhile the cutting board’s double-faced feature will enable user to use both side with flip over system, as once the surface is flipped to the bottom, it will automatically begin UV sterilization process at the beneath, while the bottom surface that flipped to the top has already been sterilized, the cycle could be done endlessly as long as the power source for the Almighty Board digital cutting board is enough to perform the sterilization tasks.

Videos Credit: Corning

No idea if it will be using Corning’s Gorilla Glass, but we saw the similar scratch-proof and cut-proof surface protection unveiled by Corning on their video, ‘A Day Made of Glass‘ and the ‘Tough Just Got Better‘ that exposed the idea of daily living approach for using protective and interactive surface in many aspects of our lives.

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