Many smartphones manufacturers only emphasizing on the rich features and rich capabilities of their smartphones whilst neglecting the important aspect of a smartphone itself – operational hours of the battery. But it seems the smartphones’ competition will soon turn their focus more on battery life.

Philips-Xenium-X312Philips Xenium X312 could be claimed as the first smartphone in the market that offer a long, and here means a really impressive ‘long standby hours’ of one month for its users.

Other features being mentioned about Philips Xenium X312 is a Bluetooth, QVGA display, FM radio, 2MP camera and a microSD memory card slot. No info if it supports 3G or not.

Philips-Xenium-X312-2GA big disappointment, however, it will be made available for Rusia and Asia market. No wording on the rest of the market and the pricing yet.