With so many illegal child trafficking happening around, bet you can’t risk a single chance to risk your child to all sorts of crimes and evil deeds in today’s turbulence world.


Admit it or not, parenting has become a stressful job than it already is. While the Amber GPS Alert aims to help alleviate parent’s worries, giving a much sense of control and peace of mind.



With Amber GPS Alert 2G, parents will be able to set boundaries to limit their children from playing too far from them. Another feature is that the device will help to trail the children’s route using a series of alerts.


Not only that, it goes the extra mile by alerting the parent that the child has reached their designation safe and sound, while voice monitoring and the ability to monitor the vehicle’s speed surely go a long way in making the Amber GPS alert a “must buy” device for new parents who are anxious to keep tabs all the time and do not want to let one moment of carelessness result in a disaster. As for the kids themselves, they can also access an emergency button to alert the parent whenever they are in need of help.


Price: USD379.99 [ monthly recurring basic subscription fees of USD9.99 ]

[ Source: Coolest-Gadgets ; Press Release ; AmberGPSAlert ]