A unique system created by Amnesia Razorfish will likely transform how Microsoft Surfaces interact with your mobile electronics gadgets, especially smartphones or tablets.

Amnesia Connect from Amnesia Razorfish on Vimeo.

Amnesia Razorfish’s content sharing system will allow you to drag documents, photos or videos directly onto your smartphone devices, no details about how the system connect between Microsoft Surface with your iOS smartphones, but basically, the developer on Amnesia Connect described it works with parallel Tcp- and Udp- Socket connection to synchronize the screen as close as possible in real time, making the sense of dragging into the smartphone and reversely.


The devices will have to join the open WiFi network created by the Surface in order to launch the application.

The new system will work with iOS devices at this particular moment, but Amnesia Razorfish is now working on the BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android devices as well. Hopefully we could hear more about the compatibility with other gadgets next quarter.

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