Latest news from Avon, the body lotion and cosmetics company has officially announced the breakthrough of anti-aging sun care body lotion series, dubbed ANEW Solar Advance with RepairShield Technology.

The Avon ANEW Solar Advance Anti-Aging Sun care body lotion is claimed to have double functions of anti-aging utilizing natural antioxidant defense system to fight free radicals by activating skin’s natural repair process, as well as providing superior protection using photostable broad-spectrum UVA/UVB against damaging ultra-violet rays from the sun.


The RepairShield technology is available through a culmination of 10 years long researches for innovative ways to provide optimized lotion with acceptable stability performance of Avonbenzone, the established UVA absorber that used in broad spectrum sun protection products being sold in the U.S. market.

Ladies, did you notice any known side effects for this particular sun-block lotion?

No info on global availability and pricing yet.

[ Source: Aving ; Avon ]