The biggest problem sitting for long hours inside an airplane or bus will be the stiff neck ? You might have noticed that many passengers are actually trying to get some rest by sleeping during the long journey in order to reserve energy once arrival to the destination.

For folks interest with Angry Birds game, here is the genuine looking Angry Birds Head and Neck Pillow that comes in red colour, having the dimension of 11x13x4.5-inch, and made of nylon spandex.


The design will allow users to rest their head as well as neck comfortably onto the Angry Birds Red Bird Neck Rest Pillow. The inflatable Angry Birds Head And Neck Pillow Cushion comes in read color domination, and it is practical to bring along for traveling or long journey where you are not in charge of driving or piloting an air plane.

One distinct feature of this pillow is stretchable in any direction, and it will automatically return to its original shape afterward when not in stretched condition.

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