Amigo portable stereo speakers features a bi-directional 2×1.2W speakers. The guys over at AQ Amigo sent us one of their Amigo Portable Stereo Laptop Speakers to try out, it is designed to sit on top or your laptop and give you a better sound than the standard built in speakers.




For a 15 inch laptop, you could see that the device seems pretty compact with the dimension measuring 260mm (w) x 60mm (tall) x 25mm (thick). It would fit nicely for laptop sizes from 13-inch upwards, it is compatible with both PCs and Mac.

For portable speaker, Amigo portable stereo speakers has pretty good sound and nice fit of bass. Further, AQ Amigo Portable Laptop Speaker is powered by USB, and it is very easy to set up, just plug it into your USB port, and you are ready to listen to your favourite tunes.

Price: GBP24.95 [ approx. USD41.- ]