Sometimes, artists just need to found out the right inspiration at the right place and at the right time. Or if you are a working alcoholic that rarely had times to write down what groceries or toys to buy for your wife or children, you will find that the following Aquanotes useful for taking down notes or simply to jot down valuable inspiration during your shower time or anywhere wet.



This Aquanotes is probably a creative idea materialized during shower the inventor’s bathing session.  Nevertheless, you would find the forty-pages waterproof aquanotes and suction cups cool enough for the artist side of you.



You could stick the Aquanotes anywhere, without have to worry about wet places will damage the paper. Either at your kitchen, bathroom, washtub or even your garden area. Aquanotes is made in the United States using non-toxic and recyclable waterproof paper.

  • Dimensions: 3.5″ x 5.25″
  • 40 perforated sheets of waterproof paper
  • Non-toxic and recyclable
  • Water-resistant cedar wood pencil
  • Suction cups: (2) for pad and (1) for pencil
  • Made in the USA

Prices: USD9.95 [ more info from VAT19 here ]