A fancy and luxurious positioning of fish aquarium into a sink. This is the latest’s produk from Fish ‘N Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium that make hand or face washing more interesting and not so monotone compare to the conventional sink.

Fish ‘N Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium has a dimension of 34×29.5×23.5-inches (HxWxD), a clever idea that blend fish aquarium into furniture that even cats get curious with those little fishes swimming inside the transparent and elegant looking sink that suit the interior design nowadays.


Should be a neat addition to your zen garden within your restroom, you will also find the large sink light located at the rear side, a power head for exygenation, water circulation and filtration. You could also choose the sand color either black or white and the aquarium sink’s stand from either Stainless Steel or Wenge Wood.

If you are looking for standard, or other common shape standing or desktop style aquarium, you could check out the products, right here!

Price: USD4,500.- [ Additional shipping fee of USD75.- ]

[ Source: Opulent Items ]