A water surface gymnastic tool? Aquaskipper Hydrofoil is one device that offers up to 17 mph speed while encouraging users to keep doing workout once they are on the Aquaskipper.


Unveiled by GadgetsandGear, Aquaskipper Hydrofoil has no terrible noise when operating, no water or air pollution, it is eco-friendly and it comes with no engine. You will, however, need some calories/body fat to burn through hopping up and down the pedal and handle in order to run the AquaSkipper.



AquaSkipper is mean for starting from above the water, once you jump into the water, make sure you start hopping up and down the AquaSkipper right away, or else, you and the AquaSkipper will start sink down into the river or lake. Recommended for usage on lake or river with calm currents, strong under currents might be dangerous for the athlete or player.

Built from aluminum frame, AquaSkipper Hydrofoil wings is only 26 pounds in weight, you could use AquaSkipper to race with your friends, you could even make a u turns if the river or lake is wide enough. After usage, you could easily disassembled the AquaSkipper Hydrofoil and store it into a tote bag for ease of transport.


Price: USD495.-