A summer gadget for those enjoy water sports, Aquatic pod suite comes in a flying saucer design, 6.6-foot wide floating terrace circumscribes the unit ideal for fishing, sun bathing or for enjoying breezes of the water. The interior headroom is 7 1/3-feet height, while exterior is 28.5 feet diameter including the floating terrace, overall weight is 5,500 lbs including the ballast.

Ideal for beach, lagoon, lake or river, this is not some type of cheap ‘flying saucer’ you might expect, as the Aquatic pod suite has a 150 square-foot interior, self-contained, circular suite that has all furnishings inside for two people to enjoy the living on-the-water.

Inside the interior there is a 2.5kva diesel generator with exhaust silencer that generate 220-volt power to supply all electricity needed by the pod suite, a desalination unit, a central air conditioning system, mini-bar, audio-video system with Bose stereo, king-size bed and even toilet complete with shower. You could also get panoramic views simulatneously 300 degree views above and below the surface of the environment, where the lower portion of this aquatic pod suite is submerged about five feet down into the water.


The aquatic pod suite also has beam lights that will illuminate the depths for viewing the aquatic surroundings after dark. The circular shape terrace unit is inflatable, which also plays as stabilizer to offer extra buoyancy to the aquatic pod suite, protect the core pod from scratches and bumps when have visiting boats or windsurfers dock alongside.

Interestingly, the above-water entrance is built to have watertight design, preventing splash of water and stray moisture from dampening the interior. Unlike conventional houseboats, this aquatic pod suite need to remain permanently anchored at a specific location by an environmentally-friendly anchor that attaches with a durable, corrosion-resistant chain, or it could also move around by towing it using a boat.

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