For USD7,000 you could get the real SleepBox for your own. Definitely not cheap, but the Sleepbox concept which appeared to the public back in March last year. The first SleepBox unit has shown up at Sherematyevo Airport in Moscow not long ago, you could expect to see more of the SleepBox on other countries’ International Airport area by 2012.

Taking the dimension of 2.5 x 1.6 x 2.5-meters or about 98 x 63 x 98-inches with a height of 3 meter (about 118-inches tall), SleepBox is also available in one, two or three three bunk configurations. The original SleepBox concept is equipped with an automated clena linen system, electricity for lights/laptop/phone charging as well as for TV’s Wi-Fi, alarm, intercom, or automated payment stations.


A designed by Alexay and Mikhail, designers from the Arch Group, the single, two-bunk-bed is built with pretty solid construction and offers a small tidy place for a rest to travelers or those airport guess that need a short nap or a place to access their laptop or tablet with a bit privacy with a door to be locked while waiting for their transit flight?



Do you think that Sleepbox’s compact functionality resembling the capsule hotel in Japan? Obviously an intriguing concept for implementation on International Airports, Bus/Train stations or event for emergency shelter where the disaster victims need a good short rest after days of worry and sleepless nights.


SleepBox has been suggested for central Moscow’s hostel for student travelers by 2012. If you are planning to set up your own flash-hotel units, these SleepBox should be one consideration that will save you time in the construction process. However, you will need to allow a two month lead time before expecting to get the SleepBoxes delivered to your land.

Price: EUR7,000.- [ Approximately USD9,500.- ]

[ Source: SleepBox ]