How will boats and other marine vehicles adapt to a greener future, more sustainable energy and more mobility in modern living? At least, Janne Leppänen and her Arkki Solar Boat has come up with the idea.



Arkki boat is designed as a luxurious combination of a house and boat, it has a 153 square meter of interior space and 100 square meter of deck space. The Arkki boat has a length of 31.6 meter, and 15.5 meter width. ARKKI boat also equipped with solar panels to supply uninterrupted power at the cruising speed 6-8 knots.

Arkki boat is designed with reinforced concrete and natural fiber composites to make it stable and rigid for all seasons.

If by 2020, when most parts of the world have drowned under sea-water due to excessive increase of sea level and severe ecological imbalance resulted from massive ice melting, will you get your own floating home?

[ Source: BornRich ;  Janne Leppänen ]