ASUS DR-950 eReader – With 9 Inch E-Ink TouchScreen

by Edward Xu

in computer gadgets

A 9-inch E-Ink touchscreen and integrated WiFi and HSDPA feature ereader – ASUS DR-950. This DR-950 offer 2-4GB onboard storage, SD card slot and 1024×768 resolution display. ASUS DR-950 has an SD card slot with a USB port and 3.5mm headphone jack, no info if ASUS will junk WiMAX into this 0.35-inch thick frame ereader.

A few leak-out live images from ASUS just to prove it’s more than a reader. Asus DR-950 support PDF, ePub and HTML files among others, and offers text-to-speech and RSS.

Although no further clarification if the E-Ink support sharp images, or how much the gadget will be priced or when it will be available, but still, this is an interesting ereader to look into.

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