Asus has informed the media in Taiwan regarding the upcoming UX series Ultrabook platform to carry a price tag between one to two thousand dollars. The reason is the presence of i5 and i7 chips, which make the overall cost to fly beyond the estimated figure.


The selling point would be emphasizing on the weight, where the 11.6-inches will have 1.1kg, meanwhile the 13.3-inches model will have 1.3kg. If you are expecting to get Asus UX series below one thousand budget, you will need to wait till Asus customizes one with Core i3 chips.

Some rumors has indicated that Asus UX Series will not show up in the market probably till first quarter in 2012, owing to the LCD display issue. However, thus far, there is no official statement from Asus yet.

[ Source: Taipei Times ; Asus ]