Atreides Luxury Yacht With Retractable Pool: New LifeStyle For Rich And Famous

by Edward Xu

in concept gadgets

Despite the sky high luxury yacht pricing, this one comes with a neat design that offers a private retractable swimming pool.




Other luxury yachts might have various ground sports blend into their yachts’ design concepts, however water sports is a neglected aspect that has triggered Vuk Dragovic, a Serbian designer over the behance network to develop such an intriguing Atreides’ concept.

If you love the sea and thinking of owning a private yacht, this concept is one you might not want to miss.

[ Source: Born Rich ; Luxury Issues ; Vuk Dragovic ]

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When I saw that first picture I thought this was a strangely overly-decorated heating vent cover.

Edward Xu

LOL… yes, the heating vent cover seems overly decorated, whilst it is still a concept.

Edward Xu
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Lovely website! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am bookmarking your feeds also.


Wonderful concept, great look!


Interesting, but isn’t there plenty of water around the boat already?


wow.. thats great yacht i ever seen..


I think that this is a great concept for those of us who like to go swimming, but don’t like the idea of fish or other water animals being too close. After the pool is extended, you just take a net and catch what is inside and put it back into the water. It would also be good for those who are not the best swimmers.


what about waves….

Joshua Black

I was cruising around the keys the other day in this bad boy when the Coast Guard approached me. It seemed one of their helicopters flew over and thought someone had installed an overly decorative vent in the ocean. The pool came in handy for stashing our drinks too.


Makes me wonder about the Harkonnen version.

Vandal Cain

Seems excessive and silly. If someone can’t swim, then it’s not a good idea to be boating. If they can swim, then they don’t need this pool.

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