Audi has unveiled the all-electric A2 concept car, weighing 1,150 kg or about 2,535 lbs, the four-seater electric engine is capable to delivers 116 PS peak power (80PS continus) and 270 Nm of torque (160 Nm continuous) to the front wheels using a single-speed transmission. You will be able to witness the physical car not until the showcase at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt that start on September 13th and will end by September 25th.


Accelerating from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour (62mph) will need a mere 9.3 seconds, maximum top speed reaching 150km/h (93 mph), the 31 kWh lithium-ion battery will get full recharge in 1.5 hours on a 400-volt charge, or about four hours on a 230 volts. According to field tests, a full charged Audi all-electric A2 is capable to travel 200 kilometers (about 124 miles), owing to the lightweight carbon fiber-reinforced polymer body.


Inside the A2, you will find dual retractable touchscreen control panels, a transparent glass roof that could turn opaque owing to the embedded microparticles that will react on the electrical current when activated. For mobile devices, you will find a wireless charging inside Audi A2, a Bluetooth online car phone that connects the vehicle to the internet using a mobile telecommunications standard module, and a built-in WLAN hotspot that enable online connection for passengers inside the vehicle.

At the outside, the lighting strips located on both sides of the vehicle will serve as additional indicators to give indication to vehicle at front or behind, there are also brake lights.


Furthermore, Audi also designs the all-electric A2 concept car with semi-autonomous mode for energy saving in slow-moving traffic  condition. Equipped with matrix beam LED headlights, the tail lights comes with five laser diodes that produce a light invisible in good weather conditions, but illuminates water droplets to form a floating warning triangle when the fog rolls in. Cool, isn’t it?

No info on commercial release and pricing yet.

[ Source: Auto Trader UK ; Audi ]