The original designer is Edwin Conan Yi Yuan, the Audi Avatar Quattro SuperCar Concept will be a futuristic vehicle that will fit the taste of those Star Trek, G.I. Joe kids and is going to be another great fantasy for car builder that one day, this computer car concept is one of the anti-gravity vehicles.






Will I be a  part of that generation? Hard to tell, but believably with current amazing progress of green technologies, probably this product will be relevant sometime within the next 10~20 years!

According to the designer, this is an electric powered supercar designed for 2032. Audio Avatar Quattro concept It aims to capture the joy children of our generation had playing “future” racing games in their kidlike youth. It’s got a long range supercharge-ion battery driving 4 in-wheel electric motors. It has no wheels and has ultra-light aerodynamic body that designed with the ability to top up from 0 to 100km/h within 2.9 seconds.

Base on the concept, this vehicle will be able to run at maximum speed of 360km/h. Fast enough?  Wonder what the traffic statistic would looks like in the future? A sky high? Suppose should have anti-gravity pad or road installed before one could use this vehicle.