Modelled after a 1930s Auto Union Type C Grand Prix car, Audi C e-tron is a new four wheelers that designed with carbon-fiber, electric motor, 7.61 foot long boday, 1.5 hp electric motor, up to 19mph maximum speed, 15 miles mileage after a full recharge at standard electric outlet.


A fancy type of vehicle that will remind you about the oldies Audi C e-tron, did the Audi C e-tron remind you about Charlie Chaplin? Audi C e-tron is showcased during the first International Toy Show in Nuremburg, Germany. However, only adult shorter than 5’11” will be able to seat inside the e-tron car.

Do you think riding this oldies model of electric car would better than riding an electric motorbike?

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