Audi is planning to install its Ingolstadt main production facility roof top with another 7,500 square meter of photovoltaic solar cells, an addition to 11,600 square meters of PV modules that was installed in 2009. The second phase of PV modules installation is estimated to accomplish by end of this year.

A peak power output of the new PV modules is going to reach 500 kWs or about 460MWh, enough power to supply electricity needs of around 180 households.

audi-e-tron-solar-power-charging-station The expanded solar capacity will be used to charge the electric batteries of Audi’s e-tron models using new electric car charging stations and the green electricity will also be used to supply to the plants’ production facilities. Total annual output from all the plant’s installations of PV modules will generate approx. 1,500 MWh, and about one third will be used directly where it is generated. Will this become the second step for Audi to go green with its manufacturing practice in near future?

Another Audi’s German base production plant in Neckarsulm are also using solar cells on the roof top of several garage parking facilities, and are capable to generates about 1,000 MWh of electricity annually.

[ Source: Gizmag ; Audi E-tron ]