Firefox 4 is indeed a cool browser with lots of update and revamp, but Mozilla felt that the urge to revise the way Firefox add-ons are being tested and used. The revision is basically to ensure that adds-on hosted on Mozilla’s adds-on page will compatible and working for both Aurora and Beta version browsers.


Mozilla is taking the extra mileage to test out all the add-ons before releasing it to Mozilla’s add-ons website. You will soon find the Mozilla’s adds-on website comes with compatibility remark that will inform you about which version of the browser is working with the particular adds-on.


For those testing out the Aurora and Beta version, this simply means you will have to go without any of your favorite add-ons until the final version is released.

However, Mozilla is confident that once the update URL mechanism is completed, majority of the hosted add-ons will be compatible with both Aurora and the Beta version browsers. If you are a software or adds-on application developer and would like to test out Mozilla’s latest browsers, you could click here for the Mozilla’s Aurora and Beta official download page.

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[ Source: Mozilla ]