Similar to a real flying bird, Avitron Bionic R/C bird is has left and right wings and comes with ability to start flying once the engine is activated and a short throw from player.

Claimed to be world’s most advanced 2.4ghz radio controlled flying toy, the XTIM Avitron Ornithopter weight about 8.35g, easy to bring wherever you travel and deliver the thrill of flying bionic bird. Let’s roll the video for more info about Avitron bionic bird…

Designed by Edwin Van Ruymbeke, son of the original inventor of TIM bird, Avitron XTIM bionic r/c bird has a wingspan of 33cm or about 12.90-inches, the length of the Avitron bird is 17cm or approx. 6.69-inches. The longest flying time will be 6 minutes at the height reaching 300 feet high, while the full recharge takes about 12 minutes for the Lithium Polymer battery.


Video and Image Credit: Avitron Europe & USA

The fascinating part is the bird-like flying characteristics that real bird also thinks that Avitron is one new comer in the neighborhood. Unlike other radio controlled flying toy you have ever seen, Avitron does not use a conventional propeller to fly, but it flaps the wings up to 16 times per second to acheive flight the moment it being push away by the player and it gives you control for left right, wings spanning style of flying as if ordinary bird would be.

The maximum playable Avitron bird in one area is up to 6 birds, due to limitation of frequency range variation.

Other Specifications:

  • Max. Static Thrust – 5g
  • Wing Amplitude – 55*
  • Transmitter – 2ch 2.4GHz WiFi
  • Throttle – 128-step control
  • Up to 75 charges on one set of AA batteries! *AA batteries not included*
  • Skill Level – Beginner to Advanced

Designed with a light, ready-to-fly airframe that represents a life-size bird, Avitron comes with a postage stamp big PCB as the ultra-micro receiver/speed control for controlling the two ultra-sized brushed motors’ speed as well as the steering mechanism. The Li-Polymer battery is good for hundreds of charge cycles, couple with the light-weight airframe to maintain minimum weight for smooth flying in the sky. The built-in with auto voltage cut-off feature, no worries about damages on the ultra-micro controller’s internal battery.


Moreover, the liquid crystal polymer and carbon fiber material for the wing struts all the way down to the self-lubricating polyacetate materials give the Avitron a tear-resistant, strength and long lasting performance.

Temperatures tolerance below 50 degree Fahrenheit or approx. 10 degree Celsius may result in shorter flight times and decreased performance. Recommended to store, charge and fly the Avitron Bionic Bird and the transmitter in temperatures of ‘at least’ 50 degree Fahrenheit/10 degree Celsius.

Price: USD99.-  or EUR79.- [ depends on where you live, you could check out the pricing from either Avitron USA or Avitron Europe ]

Not recommended when the sky has falling snow, 😀 ?

[ Source: Avitron USA ; Avitron Europe ]