A neat practice doll for children or toddles who just learned that they will have a new brother or sister, this is the new Baby Simulator from Japan called Yotaro. Some toddlers, we must admit, did not have appropriate training for their new brother or sister, and sometimes cause too much headache of ‘baby-sitting’ for their parents.


While the uniqueness of ‘Yotaro’ is on its ability to cry and produce ‘real’ tears, eventhough the baby size is a bit “over-sized” with a bit giant baby sense from the projected image. The projected image could even respond to a touch. More info and a video after the jump.

On the baby face, it has a projector behind to simulate a face, smiling, crying, ga-ga-gu-gu-ing, albeit a freaky one. Up till now, Yotaro is just a concept technology from Japan’s University of Tsukuba.

Despite many arguments that it helps children to know the basic ‘baby-sitting’, and a good simulation for new parents for their real baby, we believe nothing is perfect, yet, only a real practice will get you the feeling and motherly or fatherly touch to your child.

No info when it will be available and how much it will be priced yet.