A handy cordless back pain reliever is now available in the market to help those with back pain problem using the so called TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology that uses harmless electrical pulses that hlep to block pain signals passing through nerves to the brain.

This might not the long run solution for back pain problem, bu the cordless neuromuscular electrotherapy device is useful to relieve back pain problem for the short term prior user able to seek for professional therapy. The electrical pulse also capable to increase blood flow to the back pain area to promote healing and relaxation.


Useful for highly mobile folks that had back pain problems, the back pain reliever comes with a dimension of 7.5 x 3 x 3/4-inch (LxWxD), about 4 3/4-oz in weight. According to American Physical Therapy Association, TENS therapy could be effective for pain therapy with low-intensity discomfort.


There are three buttons on the remote control for powers on/off the unit, initiating a 30-minute treatment session and adjusts the intensity of stimulation. The TENS systems equipped the back-pain reliever with multiple electrode cords and tethered battery packs, resulting in thin and flexible unit that doesn’t hinder user’s movement.

You could use the device worn under clothing, and no need to remove between treatments. The adhesive electrode pads will only stay secure in place for up to 5 applications, however, there are 40 gel pads that enough for about 3 months supply, along with 2x AAA batteries for up to 150 minutes of treatments, a CR2302 battery for the remote control and a storage box.

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