Bagel is the new name in the world of smart technology, yet again a Kickstart based campaign for a genious product has grabbed attention from everyone around the world for its smart and functional features.

Bagel is a digital tape measure that promises to help and ease of measuring, organising and analyzying these measurements in a smart way with its three different measuring modes.

Bagel’s three different modes helps you measure just about anything you can think of, and save these measurements as well as recording voice memos and pass these on to Bagel’s mobile app to help you analyze the measurements in smart way.

I personally never thought a measuring tape could get smart, at the end of the day its just a measuring tape you use when needed but after reading Bagel’s capabilities, it seems like this small gadget will come handy for any household. When using Bagel measuring tape, you do not have to do any marking up, or try to read those tiny numbers and make notes to come back to find out you have lost that piece of paper which you took your notes on.

So, How do you measure with Bagel?

How to Use Bagel Measuring Tape

It seems super-easy, all you would have to do is to select the mode from any of the three different measuring modes, take your measurement and the click the save button, and thats it.

The voice memo feature can also be used to tag the measurement which you saved, and when Bagel measuring tape is connected to its designated mobile app, the contents of the voice memo will be convereted in to text and attached to the measurement.

Bagel Smart Tape Measure Features

Bagel’s Smart Three Measuring Modes

String Mode

Bagel String Mode

When string mode is selected, you can measure like any traditional tape measure, but with its flexible but smart string will allow measuring of curved objects and surfaces, body types and more without having to cut your fingers.

Reach: Up to 10 feet (3 meters)

Wheel Mode

Bagel Wheel Mode

When wheel mode is selected, measuring length and distance without having to use both hands, all you would have to do is to roll its wheel. As with the string mode, wheel mode is also perfect for measuring distance on curved surfaces but at a greater reach of 33 feet (10 meters).

Reach: Up to 33 feet (10 meters)

Remote Mode

Bagel Remote Mode

When remote mode is selected, Bagel’s smartness takes another angle by enabling you to measuring distances of areas where you would not normally be able to reach by just having to point the ultrasonic sensor at walls, ceilings or any objext and Bagel will notify you of their distance. Smart and functional, when remote mode is selected the laser is automatically activated.

Reach: Up to 16 feet (5 meters)

Bagel Smart Measuring Tape Specs

Bagel Measuring Tape Specs

Bagel smart measuring tape is truely the smartest measuring tape in the market with great features, above are only a few of what can be achieved with this piece of intelligent gadget, if you want to see more features and find out how to buy, please visit their website.