In order to better serve the baby market, some researchers have taken initiative to create a revolutionary baby bottles that mimic a mother’s breast. BARE baby bottle concept hold two patented technologies developed by Diaz, which is the air-free storage for the milk and the Perfe-latch that design to mimic the shape and softness of a real mother’s areola during breast feeding period.


The concept introduced the syringe-like air-plug piston inserted into the bottom of the bottle, creating an open-ended shaft that allow the one involve in milk feeding to expel extra air from the bottle before feeding. The air-plug will act as-if a milk chamber that automatically pump out all the remaining air.


This results in a milk chamber that is kept 100 percent air-free to reduce air ingestion that causes gas and colic. Diaz says the air-free chamber also helps reduce the chance of milk oxidation and helps maintain milk nutrients that are normally lost when milk comes into contact with air.

Diaz is planning to launch BARE baby bottles through its new company, BIttylab by early January next year. Pre-orders are now open to the general public can be placed for the first production batch at US$15 each to be delivered by December 2011, following lab and clinical trials and consumer testing.

[ Source: BittyLab ]