An iPhone/iPod speaker dock offering 8-inch bass, 2-inch mid-range drives with 1-inch wide projection tweeters is Bayan 7. A product from Bayan Audio, a division of Radiopag as audio product brand that obtains Apple’s stringent TDNA Noise Rejection tests approval, ensuring no interference from mobile phones or other radio transmitter devices when in use.

At the rear side, there is a media port for linking up your iPad 2 if required, as well as other devices using the 3.5mm audio cable or through the auxiliary port. The dimension of Bayan 7 Speaker dock is 45 x 30 x 28-cm, weighing 6.84kg, and is now available online from Bayan Audio’s official site.


Price: GBP299.-

[ Source: Bayan Audio – Bayan 7 ]