BD-R2000 is a Blu-ray recorder released by Tascam. Tascam BD-R2000 supports video input from DV/HDV cameras (4-pin FireWire), S-Video or those video files stored in a USB2.0 flash drive/external HDD or SD/SDHC card.

tascam-blu-ray-recorder-BD-R2000 Tascam BD-R2000 is capable to captures standard or high-definition videos into the hard drive, SD card, DVD or Blu-ray media. You could do simple edits using the Tascam BD-R2000 recorder, or author a disc menu before burning to standard DVD-Video or Blu-ray format.

Other intelligent feature on Tascam BD-R2000 is the disc playback that capable to eliminate any unwanted pause between scenes often encountered on other Blu-ray players. You will also find a one-touch dubbing allowing storage for entire DVD, Blu-ray disc, USB drive or SD/SDHC card to the hard drive with ease, and you could burn the files into a Blu-ray disc later using a burning speed up to 32x.

Scenes could be separated, trimmed and arranged on a menu before burning to a blank disc.

[ Source: UberGizmo ; Tascam ]