Claims to be world smallest, at least for the moment, Pioneer BDR-XD04 Blu-ray burner is only 0.55-inches thick, making the form factor isn’t an issue for highly mobile people.

Pioneer BDR-XD04 Blu-ray Burner is powered through USB cable, designed with clamshell style and offer 6x writing speed on USB2.0 connectivity.


There are PureRead2+ and PowerRead features that help BDR-XD04 to maintain smooth playback despite present of fingerprints and / or minor scratches. You could expect to see Pioneer BDR-XD04 Blu-ray burner at major retail stores by early February this year.

The slimmest at the moment, but definitely will not become the fastest writing Bluray burner in the market.

Maximum Suggested Retail Price: USD149.99

[ Source: Pioneer BDR-XD04 ]