Beagle: Txtr Smallest e-Book Reader

by Edward Xu

in Mobile Gadgets, tablet gadgets

For those with bunch of ebooks that gathering dusts inside their desktop PC or laptop, here comes the ultra affordable yet portable e-book reader from Txtr, a German base e-book reader developer. The name for the small size e-book reader is called Beagle, taking 5 mm thick, with a weight of 128 grams and Bluetooth connectivity, but without any touchscreen or support for Wi-Fi connectivity.

There are no microSD card slots for additional storage, surprisingly, Txtr’s Beagle ebook reader is powered by a pair of AAA batteries, 4GB of on-board storage with in-house iOS application by Txtr that specifically designed for reading e-books from Apple devices.


Beagle ultra small e-book reader is equipped with a 5 inch E-Ink 800 x 600 screen, and is claimed to be world’s smallest e-reader. Rumored to be sold on the market with a price tag around EUR10, no official announcement regarding pricing and availability yet.

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[ Source: Txtr Beagle ebook reader ]

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