A South Korea base gadget manufacturer – Safa Ubiquitous has recently release its ‘Best Seller’ voice recorder targeted for specialist audio recording market. The Best Seller is capable of recording CD sound quality at 16bit at 44.1Khz and .wav lossless compressed linear audio format.


The Safa Best Seller portable audio recorder also offer directional and non-directional microphone, users could adjust the recording range for various audio recording purposes, including music recording, meeting or interview. The Safa Best Seller audio recorder memory is upgradable to 8GB micro slot SD card.


Other features such as output to various media such aS cassette player, CD player, phone, etc. You will also find a backlight for operation under dark environment, radio and voice function as well as backup and restore.

No info on pricing and availability yet.

[ Source: Aving ; Safa ]