Those with sensitive skins, here is the Cryogenic Skin Treatment device that promises to help you to eliminate eye puffiness, wrinkles as well as tighten your facial skin. This Cryogenic Skin Treatment is a patented device from French that comes in a palm sized dimension and offers comfort to the touch design.

The Cryogenic Skin Treatment offers a chemical-free therapy that could be administered daily and is ideal for use before evening out or after a long night.


Weighing a mere three ounces, Cryogenic Skin Treatment could be easily tucked into ladies’ purse for freshing up away from home or during traveling. Simply glide over the contours of your face, including the delicate eyelid areas in gentle circular motions to get optimum skin tightening result for the therapy. The circular motion of gliding using this Cryogenic device will help to tighten the loosen skin contour due to pollution, stress and sleepless nights, major problems of people living in urban society these days.

Backed-up with lifetime guarantee, this Cryogenic Skin Treatment device need to be plugged into AC for the power source.

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