Sometimes, when you just need a smooth flow of ink from your pen for signing a contract, important document or for writing up a brilliant idea that flashing by your mind, it might be just too annoying to find out that the ink seems stuck or hiding out somewhere inside your pen due to the cold weather or bursting out due to heat or design errors.

Here is the bold promise from a pen manufacture that claims their pen as the most reliable pen in the world, built with titanium nitride body and high viscosity thixotropic black ink that lasts three times longer than any standard ballpoint.


Originally created by Fisher Space Pen and used by NASA astrounauts on every manned space flight since 1967, this most reliable pen is further enhanced by nitrogen gas sealed within the pressurized reservoir to prevents leaks and enables the tungsten carbide ball to write cleanly in all-angle at temperatures between -30 degree Fahrenheit to +250 degree Fahrenheit.

The brilliant pen design will allow user on earth or outer-space to write with ease, using the lightweight, durable chrome exterior pen with a clip for fastening to apocket or space suit.

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