Beware if you own either Samsung R525 or R540 laptop. Network World has recently reported about an untold truth of the existence of a keylogger application on both R525 and R540 systems.

The existence of keylogger application was first discovered by Mr. Mohamed Hassan, a MSIA (Master of Science in Information Assurance), CISSP, CISA graduate from Norwich University in 2009. Mr. Mohamed Hassan noticed the security problem after he run a security scan on both R525 and R540 laptops that he recently purchased.


Mohamed Hassan said he became aware of the issue last month, when he purchased a Samsung R525 at a Best Buy in Toronto. The laptop had keylogging software on it, which he deleted immediately. Two weeks later, Hassan decided he wanted a more powerful machine, so he returned the R525 and bought a new model — the R540, at a local FutureShop. To his surprise, the keylogger was there too, Hassan said in an interview Wednesday.

The scanned StarLogger application was existed on the c:\windows\SL directory of both laptops. After a further confirmation with the Samsung’s support line, a supervisor informed Mr. Hassan (after an ealier denial) that the manufacturer part did indeed install the software at the factory in order to monitor the performance of the machine and to find out how it is being used.


However, an update over Network World also shows Samsung’s top management have launched an internal investigation toward this particular issue, and will provide further information at soonest possible manner.

A sabotage by its rival? Purely proof of existence of some ‘wicked minds’ in the factory or retail outlet? Or is there any bigger scenario behind the keylogger program?

We will soon hear more from Samsung, stay tune…

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