Exciting news for bicycle fans that enjoy riding bike as part of their daily exercise! An inspirational project in Hainan, China by NL Architects called Bicycle Club is a fascinating cycling pavilion designed to allow local residents to enjoy cycling as part of their leisure sport as well as fun while leaving zero carbon footprint aka environmental friendly for its surrounding area.

The Bicycle Club cycling pavilion is also a good place for social interaction meeting new friends around the town, the pavilion’s rooftop is supported by a glass-enclosed cafe at the surrounding of the ground level. The oval footprint structure on the canopy is essential due to the tropical climate, giving shade for people seating beneath the cycling pavilion.


Impressive? Some might found this cycling pavilion a bit scary, especially when they ride near the outer circle on the rooftop, the border is guided only by a half man tall transparent acrylic glasses. At the least, cycling is good for health, especially to maintain good level of heartbeats.

bicycle-club-cycling-pavilion-hainan-china bicycle-club-cycling-pavilion-hainan-china-rooftop-angle-view

But still, we think getting some trees around the cycling pavilion for greener and fresher feeling would be essential for healthier body, spirit and enviroment, aren’t they?

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[ Source: Freshome ]