Another World Record for Biofuel Vechicles: ParaJet SkyCar is pronounced to be World’s First Flying Car that had flown from London, England to Timbuktu in Mali, Africa. And now opened for pre-order, these biofuel vehicles are sold at sky high price.


According to previous released news, Parajet biofuel vehicles are prepared to run test flights this September, and possible release date is predicted on early 2010. Now at the pre-order stage, any down-payment made is eligible for refundable deposits of £10,000 (USD16,338). Shipping will commence in late 2010.


According to the news source, these biofuel vehicles will be completely ‘street legal’ and can reach the speed 62mph within short 4.2 seconds.


In the  flying mode, these biofuel vehicles take to the skies from the field in under 200m at a required speed of 37mph. The flight mode can reach speeds of up to 100mph. While the land mode maximum top speed is 140mph.


Price: £50,000 (approx. USD81,700)



[ Source: LikeCool ; AutoblogGreen ]