An innovative way for powering up your USB rechargeable smartphones, LED lights, GPS devices and other mobile electronic devices. Ideal for outdoor camping, picnics, boy scouting or any outdoor adventure where electricity likely to become an issue during your journey. Biolite Stove is packed in a dimension of 8.25×5-inches, weighing 2bs 1 oz or approximately 935 grams.

You will be able to cook food on the stove while camping outdoor, simply find enough fallen small tree branches and burns these small tree branches inside the Biolite Stove for cooking your meals, and eliminate the necessity of carrying the heavy, yet polluting petroleum gas powered stove.


Introducing the new BioLite CampStove – Reserve now! from BioLite on Vimeo.

Biolite is light, fast to boil and mean to provide clean to use benefits to its users. You could use Biolite Stove to convert the fire heat into usable electricity, recharging your mobile phones, lights and other mobile electronic devices while you cook for the dinner, breakfast or during lunch hours.

Doubles as a campfire, you could let the Biolite Stove to function as a CampStove and sit around the stove and watch the flames dance as you and your friend singing at night roasting marshmallows and tell jokes or stories with friends.

BioLite-CampStove-eventsComparing to fossil fuel, this tree branches powered Biolite Stove is definitely produce lower carbon foot print, participating in helping to keep our planet away from massive global warming.

For the burning materials, you could use tree sticks, pine cones, pellets and other biomass. Meanwhile, for ease of carrying, you could folds the Biolite Stove for ease of storage and carrying.

Lastly, a paranoia outlook of increasing global warming and natural disaster is asking for more preparation during any unwanted time, especially when massive earthquakes hit or other natural disaster, where developing countries likely to be out of electricity completely.

It will be nice to have a portable electricity generator on hand during above events. You’ll be able to cook while keep your electronics charged while poor phone signals are down.

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