Nope, I could ensure you that the following gadget got nothing to do with Umbrella Corporation as mentioned in the ‘Resident Evil’ movie!

Following BladeRunner LED Umbrella is a cool looking conventional umbrella plus the shining led umbrella’s shaft that will add futuristic outlook for its users.


BladeRunner LED Umbrella has a dimension of 32.5-inches long and 41-inch opened diameter. You could choose from the white or blue color LED shaft, and it is powered by 3x LR44 button batteries.


Watch out your back for a Vampire! Perhaps that’s what horror movies trying to warn us, but don’t you think that is a bit paranoia?

BladeRunner LED Umbrella‘s Product Features:

  • Futuristic black umbrella with LED light-up shaft;
  • Stay dry on your walk to the noodle shop;
  • Push the button to light up the shaft with LEDs;
  • Look both ways and watch out for replicants;
  • Choice of white LED shaft or blue LED shaft;
  • Batteries Included (Uses 3 x LR44 Button Batteries);
  • Dimensions: 32.5″ long; 41″ opened diameter.

Price: USD24.99 [ buy Blade Runner Style LED Umbrella here ]

[ Source: ThinkGeek ]