Blest Company: Plastic To Oil Machine – Home Plastic Recycling Made Easy!

by Edward Xu

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For years, scientists have been searching for ways to recycle plastic in a more efficient way. Latest invention by Blest, a Japan base company is claiming their machine is capable to turn plastic back into oil that can be used to created gasoline, diesel or kerosene. And the amazing part is, for 1kg of plastic, you will be able to convert it back into 1litre of oil!

And for you information, it is estimated up to 7% of total world’s annual oil production is used to produce and manufacture plastic, and that figure is equivalent to entire African continent’s petroleum consumption level.

Blest’ conversion technology is claimed to be very safe as it uses electric heater with temperature control rather than using flame. You will be able to process polyethylene, polystyrene and polypropylene (numbers 2-4), unfortunately, it still can not convert PET bottles (number 1) back into oil yet.



To conversion for 1 kg of plastic need approximately 1 kW of electricity, or translate into monetary value, it costs about JPY20.- or USD20 cents.  The interesting part is, the process is capable of turning 1kg of plastic back into 1l of oil, which isn’t a bad return, not to mention that it doesn’t even create any CO2 during the process.


In Japan, plastic bottles, plastic shopping bags and plastic food packaging are about 45% of overall household plastic waste (according to statistical data in 1998).

In case you heard someone complaining about the difficulty of recycling plastic wastes, you should really ask him/her to take a look at what folks in Japan are now heading to!

Images courtesy: Our World ; Akihabara News

[ Source: Akihabara News ; Our World 2.0 ]

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Joel Terrazas

Where can I get the phone number and address of Blest Technology to purchase
a machine to convert plastic to oil. Also I would like information to be a distributor in the United States of this technology

Samson Vincent

This is Samson Vincent the founder of Hearts Of Hope Haiti. I have been searching and reading about the blest Japan oil plastic, I believed that this is something we can use to help Haiti in this critical moment. How can we work together to make it possible. Please advise how much the machine will cost? It will surely apply for a country like Haiti because we already have the plastic everywhere in the street, I just need a little help.

Samson vincent

Edward Xu

Hi Simon,

Please to hear about your humanitarian efforts helping out Haiti people. Regarding the Blest Company, you could find the details at: Blest Company, Japanese language website.

In case you want to contact the management regarding your humanitarian work, you could email them at [email protected].

Hopefully above info would be useful to both you and Joel. GBU.

Keen Wishes,

Reece Clarke

I am also writing to ask where I can buy this machine. I always try and keep my plastic consumption down and this would help me alot! Thanks 🙂

Edward Xu

Hi Reece,

Glad you find the post useful. You are always welcome.


I hope this technology becomes available to every city in the US & doesn’t get into the control of greedy entities who might suppress its use. Turning plastic litter into something of value will give the environment a much needed makeover. I would be very interested in promoting it here in the US. What a wonderful invention!

Edward Xu

Thanks for your comment! Yes, couldn’t agree more to what you are saying. You could try to write to the Blest company in Japan regarding the product inquiry and details…!

Wish You All The Best! 🙂

sali Kerkenienne

This is amazing. I want to know more about this machine, and the prices. I want to help our Kerkennah Islands and our Country Tunisia. Our people do not know very much about the importance of protecting environment and people there need better technology to help out the environment. I want to help our country for a cleaner and better environment, thank you.

Edward Xu

Hi Sali, nice to hear from you. Unfortunately, we are not the representative of the Blest company for the plastic recycle machine. However you could try to write email to the Blest company in Japan for more details on their product and pricing. Info about the email address could be found on previous comment on the related post. Wish you all the best! GBU


As depicted, this is a very exciting piece of compact technology for off grid applications. More generally this is another piece of the puzzle in giving our civilization the tools to make our production systems into a true loop – true recycling from waste back to effectively raw matierals. Hopeful stuff.

But what really fired me up to comment was the uncanny similarity (top load trash into a clean white machine to generate energy) with the mythical “Mr. Fusion” of the “Back to the Future films” Though the Blest machine is not in any way a nuclear technology, it is still fun to contemplate that such a machine – refined a bit more by the 2015 timeframe could be attached to a car to make refueling easier in a place (or time) where refined fuel products are not available. (geek moment of bliss)

Edward Xu

Glad you found the recycling technology interesting, and perhaps, it just a matter of time, before someone else come up with more portable type of machine to help us clean up the planet, reducing global warming and help us fuel up future vehicle! Did you go through our article about the Biofuel, human waste powered vehicle?

If only our Back to the Future’s green scientists could make their way back to the past, our earth would not suffer so much pain by the global warming, don’t you think so? 😀

Thanks for your comment Jason!

Rana Satori

Edward and everyone, I am touched by everyone’s desire to help thier countries and clean things up! yes yes yes!!

Edward I am specifically curious to know if there are any US distributors of this machine?

Bless us ALL.

Rana Satori

Mark Ford

Hi Edward

Is there any other way of contacting the Blest Company, as I have not had a reply from the given e mail address?
Many thanks

Edward Xu

Hi Rana,

Thanks for you comment! It seems that Blest company has yet appointed any US distributors. In case you are interested to inquire more info about distributorship, try to get a Japanese translator and give Blest company a call at following detail:
Tel: 0463-51-5604
Fax: 0463-51-5607

Hopefully useful. 🙂

Best Wishes,

Edward Xu

Hi Mark,

Hopefully my reply to Rana’s request would be useful to you too. Thanks for your comment. 🙂



A truly brilliant invention. You are a credit to us all. I will also attempt to contact Blest as to the possiblity of devolping a dealership. This is a real solution to help clean our environment. Thanks again!

Edward Xu

Hi Gene,

Thanks for your comment, glad you enjoy reading our article about Blest’s plastic to oil machine. Hopefully, more people will become aware about what a home made green technology could help to change our planet into a little paradise, a greener earth we all could share and live for generations to come.

Best Wishes,


I’m not one that believes in Global Warming or anything like that.. but I’m all for reusing products that I’ve purchase to fuel my car so I can get to work and repeat the cycle. WTG on the development of plastic-to-oil. I can’t wait to get one at my house to fuel my car!

Edward Xu

Hi Kris,

Thanks for your enthusiast respond! I have been trying to contact the Blest company, yet, so far, no relevant reply about their product availability or pricing for the overseas market yet. However, if you are really looking for the technology to convert all your home plastic waste, there’s an interesting article about the new discovery by University of Warwick, right here.

Krissy Jimenez

I am very interested in purchasing this machine! May I please have the number to contact the company.

Peter Fernandes

I am interested in this machine, Please send the capacities of different machines as I want to use the oil into the boilers

Bill @ Waste Conversion

This is great technology. Does anyone know if you can get more value from the HDPE-4 or the LDPE-2? I am working with another technology that also processes tires, organic matter and more and I wondered about the #2 versus #4.

Edward Xu

A bit info:
* Type 4 – LDPE Low-Density Polyethylene
Many plastic bags. Shrink wrap, garment bags.

* Type 2 – HDPE High-Density Polyethylene
Milk, detergent & oil bottles. Toys and plastic bags.


great…….amazing discovery.may i to be a sales marketing of blest machine in indonesia.thanx

sergio flores cerdan

it is very ineteresting, usefull, i would like to get more information about the machine, the price, how much extra to get to mexico, and the adress in japan or email, please, thanks , because it will be very usefull in my comunity.

Edward Xu

The Japan’s contact and email have been posted on previous comments.

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