Allergic to detergent or hand washing soap in your kitchen? Here comes a unique Stainless Steel Soap to the rescue. Blomus Stainless Steel Soap is useful to eliminate the garlic or onions off your hands simply by rubbing both of your hand using this stainless steel soap under cool flowing tap water!

Hard to believe? Blomus Stainless Steel Soap comes with a dimension of 4.5 x 2.7 x 1.2-inches, weighing 1 pound. Designed to be negatively charged, this Blomus stainless steel soap combines with positive charge of cool water to neutralize germs as well as removing pungent odors and debris.


Speaking of durability, this Blomus stainless steel soap could lasts for years, normal usage up to 5 years, while users could be confident there will be no soap scum and no hazardous ingredients added to water that might cause any skin problem on your hands due to allergy problem you have been worrying about.

Along with the bundle, you will find a soap dish for secure storage by kitchen sink, after doing some ‘smelly’ works in your kitchen, don’t forget to rub your hands with the soap under cold water and all the bad odors disappear like magic from your fingers.

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