An anti-theft gadget, dubbed as Blue Watchdog released by Secu4 is connected using Bluetooth technology to secure your mobile belongings, including luggage, bag, camera, wallet, laptop or other mobile electronic devices.

The Blu Watchdog anti-theft device is capable to provide a user-defined protection radius of between one and 30 meters distance from your mobile phone in your pocket that has bluetooth feature.


Secu4 Blue Watchdog is slightly bigger than a credit-card, taking the dimension of 76mm x 46mm x 4.5mm, weighing 20 gram. Small enough to hide in your wallet, and could be easily stored in your laptop’s bag or pouch without being notice.

After you have activated and synchronized the Blue Watchdog’s signal to your mobile phones bluetooth signal, you could rest assured that it will send you alarm up to 100db once your belongings are not around your sight or being pick pocketed.


Secu4’s Blue WatchDog has a 3.7 volt Lithium Polymer battery that capable to provide up to five continuous days of active protection and a stand-by time up to 120 hours. For recharging, you could simply use your computer or laptop’s USB port to connect Blue WatchDog with the bundled usb adapter.

However, there is a major drawback or problem with the current version of Blue Watchdog that seems need further revision by its manufacturer. What about if one day, a thief is stealing your bluetooth mobile phone that connected to your Blue WatchDog device? Wouldn’t you become as-if the thief that carrying the luggae with 100db alarm? What would the likelihood, will the airport security taken you down first or taken the thief down?

[ Source: Gizmag ; Secu4 ]