BOB-1 is a prosthetic device created by a team of girl scouts, aged 11-13 from Iowa that recently win the FIRST Lego League Global Innovation award. The BOB-1 will allow children with no fingers to write. The girl scouts’ team is called Flying Monkey, that won the first place innovation award by the Body Forward Regionals.

Inspired by those child without fingers, the Flying Monkey girl scouts team has decided to visit a prosthetics manufacturer, occupational therapist, online research and talking to many people with limb differences and created the BOB-1 prosthetic device.


Above child without fingers lived 900 miles away from Iowa, she is now able to write down words owing to the BOB-1, and she wrote down for the first time her thanks to BOB-1 device.  Imagine if every designer could come out with something useful that could practically change the life or lives of those in need, planet earth would be a much more wonderful place to live and stay.

Young generation is the seed and hope of our planet in the future, bring to them to the brighter, promising future, not teaching them for war and destroying wonderful things that life has awarded us, will ya?

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